Aksel Hjalmarsson Tórgarð


Aksel is a software developer from the Faroe Islands. He currently resides in Copenhagen, where he works full time @ Artboost, as a "Full stack" developer. React, Node.js, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Ubuntu/Unix, AWS, EC2, S3, Nginx, certbot, etc. He finished his BA in Software Development in June 2017, where he passed with top grades. His bachelor's project was a candy webshop.
He is considered by his peers to be a cool boy.

What can he do?

He is a pretty good programmer. Very proficient Java developer. Experienced in Android, too!
When it comes to web-dev, he has gotten quite good at JavaScript. Especially Node.js, React, and all that jazz.
He has a lot of experience with SQL databases. He also has a solid understanding of PHP.
Aksel prides himself in being a fast learner.

Anything cool to show off?

DevCalc, a simple calculator app for developers. Bitwise operations, convert between bin, dec & hex, etc.
Glitchy, an image manipulator, made specifically for glitch-art. Final's project at KEA.
Steganography App, Android app. Transmit secret messages with image steganography.
Eyetribe Heatmap, an easy-to-use UX analysis tool. Generate heatmaps with The Eye Tribe eye-trackers.
bomm.fo, my bachelor's project. Webshop boilerplate, with shopping assistance, demonstrated as a candy shop. React, Node.js, MongoDB. It's hosted on EC2, but isn't running at the moment, because I'm a cheapskate. Send me an email, and I'll spin it up so you can check it out.